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  1. African American Slavery, Indenture & Resistance in Illinois 1720-1864
  2. Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center - African American Gateway
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African American Slavery, Indenture & Resistance in Illinois 1720-1864

Follow us on Facebook and Linked In and Twitter. Tell your friends how to subscribe. Raynard Hall, Publisher. Bronzecomm News and Information Services. Interested individuals should contact me via email. I have challenged the education establishment in the United States by saying that the current system of education is destroying most Black students.

This has made many people uncomfortable. I have said that if the American education system will not properly educate Black childen, we will do it ourselves.

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center - African American Gateway

Many people have written me and told me that I am against education. To the contrary, I believe in and care about education more than most people ever will. Please see my response below:. Rather than ask me "You don't really believe this do you? Whether Blacks have college degrees or not, they will amass considerably less wealth than even their Whites peers who have not graduated from college. Do you believe this? It is true. The U. Department of Labor says the Black unemployment rate in Illinois is the highest in the nation, even for those with college degrees? Whites who have been to prison have a just as good a chance of getting a job as Blacks who have not gone to prision.

Various policy intstitutes say it will take years to eliminate the racial wealth gap, if Black people continue to amass wealth at their present pace while Whites do not add another dollar to their current wealth after today. Black communities in the U. Do you believe thist? Black people have lost faith and hope in the American economy, with good reason.

They have been continually lied to and robbed by the American economic system. Do you believe this based on the facts above? Today, this is a fixable problem. It won't always be. I believe that if he were alive today, he would side with me. Malcolm was not one for blind allegiance to a dysfunctional education system.

Malcolm was a thinking man who knew the value of true education. At Black Star, we propose not doing whatever we have been doing for the last years that has the Black race on the precipice of non-viability, non-relevance and non-existence.

This Woman is Believed to be America's Last Slave

Simply continuing to attend schools, as we have been, unthinkingly, is not an option that Black Star would endorse or one that Black people can afford. In this case, no education is better than education that makes it harder to properly and successfully educate Black students. What is currently "fed to Black students" called education leads us away from ourselves and makes it more difficult to successfully educate Black students.

We propose a new educational paradigm, developed by Black parents and the Black community and managed by the Black community. Education is too important to leave to educators and beauracrats. We propose parent and community standards for educating Black children and adults.

We propose education that is directly connected to economics and the long-term viability of Black people. Every act in Black life must be intentional in educating Black children and adults. Are we so lame and powerless that we must only take the education that others are willing to give us? We must create our own education system with our ideas, and our minds, and our spirits. So many of us have been taught sic that this is something that Black men and women can't do. I am not one of those people who believes that. If this is work that Black people are not willing to do, then we are truly lost.

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Matthew Desmond. Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. David Fahrenthold. For reporting on the Trump Foundation and presidential election. The Washington Post. Nikole Hannah-Jones. New York Times Magazine. Brendan Keefe. Jamie Kalven. The Intercept. Adele M. The American Prospect. Reporters are invited to cover the gala, please contact Loretta Kane loretta caminopr. Advance notice is required to attend. Celebrate Phil Cohran's 90th Birthday. On May 8 th , , Kelan Phil Cohran will turn 90 years old.

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They now assist in more than 5, cases a year nationwide. After a short illness, Toni Costonie, passed away on Sunday, April 24, at thirty minutes past midnight, in Chicago, Illinois, surrounded by family. Costonie, married to former Kennedy King College Associate Dean, Stanley Young, was best known for her work as an archivist and activist. A Smithsonian Institute trained archivist and an artist, Toni worked at museums across the country, including in New Orleans, Louisiana and Memphis, Tennessee. Working in close collaboration with historical figures, Ms. Costonie collected, catalogued and organized their archival materials and donated them to museums across the nation.

Her most renowned archival collections include the historical papers, photographs and artifacts of inventor and businesswoman, Dr. Marjorie Stewart Joyner; and the world famous photographs of civil rights photographer, Ernest C. In , she helped to plan the historic Million Man March as the assistant director of Logistics and Travel.

Chadwick, Bruce. Chafe, William H. Chait, Sandra M. A Samuel and Althea Stroum Book. Chalk, Ocania. Chambers, Lee V.

Similar authors to follow

Cheek, William and Aimee Lee Cheek. Blacks in the New World Series. Chirhart, Ann Short and Betty Wood, eds. Christgau, John.