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From the motivating, upbeat playlists to mashup formats that test your physical limits, group fitness classes offer tons of physical and mental health benefits that your home gym simply cannot. Studies show that doing something new can keep you interested in exercise and make you more inclined to repeat that activity again. If intimidation is keeping you from signing up, know this: everyone in your class was, at one time, at a first-timer.

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And more often than not, friendly competition is outweighed by camaraderie in a class, adding another dimension of motivation. MAT helps reactivate underperforming and tight muscles, thereby enabling your body to perform better and work more efficiently. MAT is useful for performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention. MAT sessions can reduce pain and restore strength and flexibility — sometimes instantly — and address a wide range of movement limitations, including:.

Grant offers personal training for all levels and abilities, from elite athletes engaged in competitive event training to seniors concerned about maintaining mobility. His customized programs are designed to safely challenge your body. Please note our limited hours and class schedules for Labor Day weekend.

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Enjoy the holiday weekend! Health and fitness apps are very popular and assist people in learning more about their health and fitness levels. Typical app benefits include higher frequencies of exercise due to goal setting , monitoring sleep patterns making sure you are not experiencing burnout or fatigue , and working out harder again, through proper goal settings.

However, a new study out of the University of Notre Dame showed that there is another variable you may want to look at when determining your state of health; friends and family. By surrounding yourself with a social network of friends and family who are active, have similar fitness goals, and educated about diet and exercise, can have a massive impact on your own health. Beliefs, opinions, behavior, and attitudes are spread throughout social circles, and when they are health-positive, they rub off, and will improve your own fitness levels.

Other teammates who are like-minded in their fitness goals can rub off on people, create a healthy, competitive, atmosphere, as well as teach us how to overcome challenges and use failure or loss as a way to improve ourselves.

Fit on Foot

One of the surprising factors about simply using fitness trackers without positive social networks was that there could be downsides. Technology addiction, eating disorders, and guilt for not meeting goals were a few harmful side effects of relying on apps to dictate our fitness lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to improve your health, you may want to start by improving your social circles. Try new classes at Balance, look for a workout partner, and join group runs or bike rides. Technology can certainly help monitor and manage certain aspects to our fitness levels, but the right people seem to be the better route!

We want to first preface that we have found multiple sources that back this claim sometimes , and by the looks of it, there may be some data to prove it and disprove it. The most recent study was done by Planet Fitness and the results were published on a few major outlets. This study showed 7 of 10 found a few or 20 extra pounds to be attractive on men!!

Does that mean 47 of the hundred were indifferent? That study is terrible! However, some women had a bit more to say than that, look what Kari C thinks about the rad, mod, dad bod.

Plus, it makes the hugs extra squeezy! According to Richard G. Finally, Closer, an online publication gave 8 reasons why a dad bod is waaaaay more attractive. Can you guess any without looking? We did find one author who called BS on this new dad bod craze. If we let reality sink in a bit, are we allowing ourselves to feel great about a zero effort output to improving our health? What do you think of the dad bod craze?

Our recommendation is to get fit first and then make the decision on what body type you are most comfortable in. HIIT typically is a protocol of short maximum bursts of sprints, followed by short periods of rest.

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The rest is short, therefore never allowing the athlete to fully recover. HIIT became popular when studies showed that the aerobic benefits during a four-minute maximal intensity training session were similar to a sixty-minute moderate intensity workout. The HIIT results showed improvements in both short and long duration training.

HIIT workouts do have issues however, most of them resulting from athletes having difficulties maintaining maximum effort over the course of the workouts. Since the amazing results of the initial HIIT studies counted on this, the benefits might not be as profound if the athletes were unable to keep up the maximum effort for the duration of the workout. In addition, the high stress from these workouts over a long-term showed a degradation of functioning mitochondria. Because exercise is an ever evolving ecosystem, variations of HIIT have been introduced, and many are liking the results.

HIRT takes a similar approach to HIIT, but increases the rest period, allowing athletes to recover, and also maintain high performance levels over time. However, the key to HIRT success is making certain we maintain our effort and power each and every repeat. The idea is each and every sprint is as good as the last, because our recovery time allows for it.

We are starting to see these workout structures carry over into weight training including kettle bells where we try to zero in on a maximum work rate time that we can maintain, with a recovery time that allows for it. There are a number of articles and studies claiming that CrossFit is more dangerous than traditional weight lifting.

The problem I have with this statement is that you are trying to compare apples to oranges. It would be similar to saying marathon runners sustain more injuries than mall walkers or rugby players sustain more injuries than badminton players. Traditional weight training is nothing like CrossFit training so making comparisons seem irresponsible, gives the sport a terrible name, and spreads misinformation.

I think most CrossFit athletes recognize the risks, and understand their sport demands a lot of practice, proper coaching, and progression. As you dive deeper into the data, many of these studies come under a lot of scrutiny and have been accused of faulty data and results. In fact, there are three recent studies that measure the number of injuries that occurred in CrossFit athletes per training hours.

The results showed there were between 2.

16 Workout Classes To Try In New York City This Fall

This rate of injury is actually lower than other sports such as Strongman competition, Powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting based on results from other studies. We simply want people to remember that if you take the proper precautions, train smart, and use progressions to advance your training, you will love the benefits of CrossFit and be able to handle any adversity that comes your way, whether it is injury or dumb studies! Crossfit can be for everyone. You can adjust your workouts and progressions to fit your fitness level and goals.

Diet and fitness apps are super popular, and as they improve, the data they collect will become very valuable. At a big picture level it may seem harmless, but at a granular or personal level it can become terrifying. Could insurance companies purchase this data and use it to evaluate your coverage and costs? Could advertisers prey on your vulnerabilities and weaknesses? A great way to avoid this problem is to leave out or change information in your profile, making the data worthless when used on a personal level.

So next time you login to your app to count the calories in that chocolate cake, make sure you apply them to your dog or ex joke! People who own dogs, exercise more! However, what was more of a surprise, was the fact that simply walking your dog on a regular basis will have you exceeding the standard guidelines for exercising for health at least minutes of moderate exercise every week. In fact, most dog owners spent minutes each week walking with their dogs. Dog ownership seems to have more residual benefits, in fact, most spend more time jogging, cycling, and working out at the gym.

In addition, children walked minutes a week and spent another minutes playing with their pets, making them substantially more active than children without a pup. If you are having trouble getting motivated to start working out, maybe it is time to pay a visit to the local SPCA! However, can there be added benefits to fasting before working out?

The jury seems to still be out, but it seems to be a growing fad. The idea came about in a book written by Bill Phillips, a bodybuilder, in Body for Life stated that the human body maximizes fat loss in a fasted state during aerobic exercise first thing in the morning. Later studies have shown that exercise is what creates fat loss and not when we eat our food National Institutes of Health. It also seems to show that fasted cardio can have both benefits and downfalls. However, negative energy balance and fat reduction occurred with both fasted cardio and eating breakfast.

The fasted group showed slightly more positive results. Once again, it seems like balance and common sense is the best way to go. Most who have spent any time in CrossFit have heard of the Murph workout. A Hero workout is meant to be a bit more difficult than traditional programs, emphasizing the hard work and sacrifice of our men in uniform. Are you ready to take the Hero challenge? Check out a full list of Hero workouts on CrossFit Hardcore and learn a little bit about the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives.

CBD seems to be the latest and greatest in post-workout supplement products.

6 hardcore training sessions to take your cycling to the next level - BikeRadar

Many fitness centers and gyms are selling them behind the counter, claiming they provide muscle recovery. They are piggy backing on the already popular benefits many claim CBD to offer. The most common include anti-inflammatory properties, sleep aid, pain reliever, and stress reliever, all great for post-workout recovery. Although the science on CBD is in its infancy, many swear by it, and have replaced their pharmaceuticals with what they believe to be a safer alternative. Below are a few CBD products sold specifically for their post-workout benefits. Scientists have found through many years of close study that hemp affects 5-HT1A receptors [], which control serotonin levels in the body and brain, and Endocannabinoid receptors, which control stress and energy levels.

ReGenPCR is a unique protein powder dietary supplement that delivers the most advanced, highest quality phytocannabinoid rich industrial hemp oil containing the full entourage of naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids, including Cannabidiol.